Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd (IP), traditionally know as Irwin & Sheehan, manufactured and provided a full range of packaging and closures for food, beverage, industrial and dangerous goods applications through four product divisions – Composite Cans, Closures, Specialty Plastics and Steel Can Packaging. 

Now Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd are specialising in the manufacture of composite cans and plastics within their new site and are able to customise their products to suit the needs of your business.

While the manufacturing focus remains on composite cans, closures and plastics, Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd are still able to source your steel can needs. Please contact our friendly sales team to discuss your specific requirements.


Specialists in composite cans, Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd can manufacture entirely to your specification requirements. Whilst the body section of the paperboard is consistent across all our composite products you can choose from a range of heights and liners to give you low, medium or high barrier protection and a range of ends for scooping, pouring and shaking. Read more..


Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd is a local supplier of specialty plastic and packaging products. Irwin Packaging focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high/low volume, small precise plastic components which serve customers in a wide variety of industries including, chemical, pharmaceutical & food markets. Read more..


With 80 years of manufacturing history in the steel can market, we are no longer manufacturing our steel general line cans, however we are still able to source cans and will provide competitive pricing for your business. Read more..


Having set up our own plastics manufacturing facility, Irwin Packaging Pty Ltd has found a niche market in being able to supply both standard cylindrical, rectangular and custom-design PET jars to the Honey industry, and industries who pack like minded products. Read more..


Finding the right closure for your packaging and your product is key to ensuring that your product is stored, dispensed or accessed in the most efficient manner. Irwin Packaging provide a number of closure options to fit your packaging needs whether it be a DIN closure, a sprinkler mechanism or a resealable option for steel or composite cans. Read more..


As part of our plastics operation we areable to offer resealers for either composite cans, steel cans, and a variety of other containers. We currently offer re sealers to suit most food can sizes, though are also able to offer custom sizes as well. Read more..